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I'd like to welcome you to my office!  As you get to know me, you will quickly learn that I take a laid-back approach to the way I run my practice.  I never pressure or force anyone to do anything.  But I do take my treatment of your body very seriously.  I will do my best to provide you with as much information as necessary so you can make the best decisions for your health and well-being. 


Learn How To Check Your Spine for Structural Problems

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Learn How to Check Your Spine for Structural Problems


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As a natural healthcare provider, I am often asked about the different components to re-gaining and maintaining good health.  These components include things like:


  1. Avoiding Toxins/Poisons – this includes anything we ingest, inhale, and absorb.  All drugs have dangerous side-effects.  A lot of our food and many of our common household products contain harmful chemicals.  We live in a world full of bacteria and fungi.  Yet, our bodies have the ability to fend off much of the abuse to which we subject it.

  2. Avoiding Stress – stress is how we react to different situations in our environment; when our preconceived expectations are not met, we tend to behave in ways that cause unhealthy chemical responses in our bodies.  So, in essence, it is often our thoughts that manifest ill health.  I encourage patients to always have good thoughts, to be hopeful and optimistic, to take part in activities they truly enjoy, and to not live in fear.

  3. Quality Sleep – everyone needs to re-charge their batteries and take the time to heal.  Unfortunately, many people don't know how to “shut it down” properly – they stay awake for far too long, then rely on chemicals to go to sleep, and even more chemicals to get them going again.  They also tend to sleep on inadequate pillows and mattresses.

  4. Exercise & Nutrition – most people are aware that it is important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and prevent obesity.  Moving your body regularly and feeding it quality nutrition, as well as proper hydration are essential components to a healthy life.


But, by far the most important aspect to physical health and well-being is what I call...




5. PROPER STRUCTURE – simply put, your structure dictates how your body functions. Your structure includes ALL of the bones in your body, as well as all of the attached muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs.  When one part of your structure is affected, the rest of your body is affected.  Your structure affects your brain, spinal cord, and nerves; it affects the shape of your chest, which affects your lung capacity; it affects your abdominal cavity, which affects your digestion.  Basically, your structure affects everything you do and everything you feel.  When something doesn't seem right with your body, your first thought should be, “it's my structure”.  We have been conditioned to believe our health problems originate “outside of ourselves”, but that is often not the case.  Only when you better understand the mechanics of your body and the how and why of structural correction, will you attain optimal health!


Now, I am happy to discuss all aspects of health and healing, but obviously my area of expertise is in the restoration of proper structure – and that is what I offer to you.  If you ever have any questions about your care in this office, or if there is any way I can be of help in your journey to better health, please ask!  My door is always open.


Wishing you the very best of health,

Dr. Stuart Freedman


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