Less than 10 minutes later!

The patient is instructed to “take a breath, blow it out, relax, and let your body slump.”



Structural shifts causing the body to break down.

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Properly Fix Bodies!

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Restoring proper leverage results in these changes!


Why I Believe in Dr. Freedman

I am a 70 year old female. I have suffered with lower back pain off and on since I was 24 years old. At 64, it really started hurting me to the point of taking medication, and then the sciatic pain started. I tried physical therapy, chiropractors, exercise and diet. Then I went to a pain management specialist. He ordered an MRI and administered spinal injections. The second injection worked for about a year. I then tried another chiropractor who did manipulations, detox, decompression, and cold laser treatments, but the pain kept returning. I had another MRI and visited a neurologist. He said I needed surgery. They would insert a rod and adjust the vertebrae to this as needed. It would consist of 4 to 6 months of rehab.

Then a close friend recommended I see Dr. Freedman because he used a different chiropractic method. He saw me, looked at my MRI, did an evaluation, and said, “I can help you”. I was so happy as this was the first time anyone had said this to me. He explained how he would do this, by restoring leverage to my spine. I agreed to try because at this time I was not standing or walking except from the bed to a chair. He has the most positive attitude and such a friendly disposition. I just knew he could do what he said he could. And, he has! My pain is so low now that I can do most anything I want to do. I am now reaching the point where I don't have any pain most of the time. I believe in what he tells me and I trust him completely. His method really works!


– Barbara R.

Excruciating Pain is Gone after 1 Visit

My medical adventure began while my wife and I were returning to Florida on the tail end of a ten-day Caribbean cruise. On day eight, around midnight, while on board the ship, I experienced terrible back pain along with pain down the side of one leg. The unusual aspect of this pain was that it only occurred while I was in a lying down (horizontal) position. As long as I stood or sat or walked I was pain free; but within a few minutes of lying down I was in excruciating pain. I could not sleep, unless it was done in a sitting/standing position. Fortunately, I was able to drive back to Richmond as sitting was one of my “pain-free” positions. The lack of sleep was making my life miserable. I had not experienced this level of pain ever before. Plus, I am sure that I was not a delight to be around. 


The day I returned home, I visited my osteopath who, over a period of ten days, tried manipulations, injections in the back, x-rays, MRI's, and electro-therapy; however, the only relief from pain was a prescription of Hydrocodone. If I doubled up my dose of Hydrocodone, I could actually sleep for two hours before waking up in pain. Since I could only take the drugs every four hours, I would sleep two hours, wake up and walk or sit for two hours, take more Hydrocodone and repeat the process. This went on for about a week. During this period, I saw my neurologist, as well as my primary care physician, however the pain continued. I realized that I could not live on pain killers and considered surgery. 


At church, I knew a retired physician who had had multiple back problems, and he and his wife both recommended Dr. Freedman. They told me they had great results from his treatments. So I made an appointment the following day and after discussing my general health and the acute pain I was in while lying down, Dr. Freedman said he would treat me standing or sitting up. 


After my first treatment, which was done standing, I came home and pondered whether to take my double dose of Hydrocodone before going to bed. I went to bed without the pain pills, expecting to wake up in pain (as I had for the past 10 nights). To my surprise, I slept a full eight hours, pain free. At first, I couldn't believe the clock, that I had actually slept more than 2 hours. It was a total relief to be able to lie down and be pain free! I believe in miracles and for me, this first visit to Dr. Freedman was indeed a miracle. I have been generally pain free since my first visit.


– Rob G

Leg Pain Gone After 2 Treatments

This is a letter of appreciation for the treatment you have provided me. As you know, after my knee and hip replacement and ankle fusion, I not only had difficulty with walking, but also had pain in both legs. The orthopedic physicians that performed surgery on me did a good job but were unable to help with the pain I was having.

I was referred to a physical therapist and for 6 months I received treatment and did the exercises prescribed at home. However, the pain in my left leg was so bad I was having even more difficulty walking.

Two friends of mine who are patients of your suggested that I see you. I did not have great expectations but the pain I was having convinced me to make an appointment.

The pain I had had in my left leg for over 18 months was totally gone after only 2 visits with you and now I have been free of pain for the last 8 months! I am walking better now than I have in years. My fused ankle prohibits me from a normal walk but the pain is gone! 


During the course of my treatment, I shared with you that I was unable to completely turn my head to the left and that my right shoulder gave me chronic pain when I moved it in a certain direction. This has all been addressed and I now have normal function in both my neck and right shoulder without pain! To be 80 years old and to be able to exercise and walk a mile or two daily as well as play pickle ball 4 hours a week is a real blessing.


Dr. Freedman, you have given me excellent treatment and a new lease

on life. Thank you sir, you are a real credit to the profession.

– Gordon P

Able to Dance Again after Chronic Sciatic

Pain is Fixed

I have been bothered with sciatica off and on for years. But it was never so bad that I couldn't work through it. However, in February, 2015, at a dance, the pain in my right leg became unbearable. The pain was not only during dancing, but came on when I walked in a store, or even when I stood still for a brief period. I also had a nearly continuous tingling sensation and/or numbness in my right leg.


Before I came to Dr. Freedman's practice, I had pretty much exhausted

all the non-surgical orthopedic remedies available. I had been on anti-inflammatory drugs for several months, taken physical therapy, had an

MRI, and received two injections in my back. None of this had helped.


I really didn't have a lot of faith that anything except surgery was going to work. Not wanting surgery, I followed a friend's advice and made an appointment with Dr. Freedman.

The first real change by his treatment was in my shoulders. For some time I had been unable to raise my right arm straight above my head. One day, I noticed I could now do this! The pain in my leg became less frequent and severe. I was able to dance again. As the treatments progressed the pain was greatly reduced and the tingling and numbness began to subside!

– Robert M